Natural Skin Care Tips

Why do I get bags under my eyes ?

As we age, your lower eyelid skin laxity starts sagging in the infra-orbital area, a most undesired condition known as “under-eye bags.” Current research indicates that the presence of this condition can influence first impressions and other people’s perception. Understandably, most people want to avoid this as much as possible. Most of under-eye bags result from age-related processes that speed up over time. Changes in the extracellular matrix of your skin and the loss of key proteins elastin and collagen cause your skin to lose structural support and elasticity, once it has lost these, gravitational forces cause your skin to overhang beyond the lid margins, forming bags.

Some people try laser resurfacing as a treatment of under- eye bags because it initiates an inflammatory process that leads to the forming of collagen and elastin. But the process of skin ablation can be painful, and there may be unwanted side effects. The ability to promote neocollagenesis and dermal thickening, epidermal growth factor is produced during inflammation and healing and has cytoprotective and mitogenic activity during the course of cellular development.

Topical EGF treatments and other treatments help prevent and treat under-eye bags, but what works best and what does not work has been a studied to determine which skin care regimes work and which do not. Peer reviewed scientific journals are some of the best places to get information on skin care treatments that work.

Natural skin care treatments have been around through the centuries and through trial and error there are some well-known cures for ages, although the mechanisms of how they work are being studied.

The trend seems to be with natural and organic skin care regimes. With a rise in popularity on social media and away from spoon fed corporate information through main stream media, consumers are becoming savvy and not hoodwinked as easy by the ole “snake oil” sales pitches by multinational corporations peddling junk.

Natural skin care products with bees wax, glycerine, mineral water, olive oil, camomile and a plethora of natural ingredients are looked at to see what can improve collagen and elastin function and retention. Nobody wants dark bags under their eyes, or to apply a chemical product that does not work or worse yet, makes things worse.

royal-canadian-water-sprayI have collected a few picks of natural skin care products that we like, they are as organic and natural as we can find. We like the process of using a mineral water spray primer and cleanser on your skin, which is natural and organic as they come, followed by the use of your favourite natural eye cream, we have included a few that we like. So use the natural mineral water spray and then apply the natural eye cream.

We like Royal Canadian mineral water spray, for our natural mineral water spray for face and we like several eye crèmes, White Rabbit eye cream , German Blue Camomile , Apricot and Shea Butter Eye Cream .